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Florist in Richmond

Flowers are not accessories; they are living art. With full-service wedding florals of your own — that are sustainably-sourced too — you’ll feel immersed by the delicate, yet impactfully designed blooms that speak to your story. With every wedding, each design choice is founded in authenticity and meaning to create an irreplicable design. The details are elevated by my years of wedding experience, balancing contrasts of velvety textures and compelling depth to evoke emotion and personality with every stem.

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Tell me you agree: floral designs can be compared to the paintings and sculptures displayed along the walls of any revered art gallery — beloved for their evocative elegance and emotive catch of the eye. They serve a purpose greater than decoration — whispering moments of love, laughter and longing with every winding texture. Works of art like these carry years of symbolism and stories, yearning to be passed down. They portray not only breathtaking beauty, but also deep-rooted meaning. In a similar creative pursuit, I arrange each stem with care and with the knowledge that every petal will carry on into vivid memories of your wedding in the years to come.

Works Of Floral Design Are Like Works Of Fine Art

My approach as a florist in Richmond & beyond

Advice To Help
You Flourish

Maximizing the use of your flowers, finding seasonal blooms that fit your vision — you’ll find it all within the proposal and design process.


Arrangements Unique
To You

No two designs are the same; my work is constantly evolving to incorporate nature’s playfulness and your innate story. From editorial to garden-style, each floral recipe has a character all its own.


Flowers From
Local Farms

Taking care of the earth is a foundational piece of my work. I source my stems from local farms as often as possible. This guarantees flowers that are fresher, and that stay so, longer.


The Aster & Bee Difference

The path less taken that I follow as a wedding florist in Richmond, VA

Hannah | Williamsburg, VA

“I really did not know much about flowers and just had a few inspiration photos and a color scheme. Jessica went and created a full vision board and design plan for our day that was above and beyond what I could have even imagined.”

“She Was Great To Work With!”

Katie | The Pinner House

“The florals were the only decor I had, and I had no regrets over that decision. Jessica helped us come up with a ceremony setup that we were even able to reuse for the reception! She was so great about answering questions and getting back to us quickly. The entire wedding felt truly enchanting... We cannot recommend Aster & Bee enough!”

“We Had An Absolutely Beautiful Wedding Thanks To Aster & Bee!”

Olivia | Grandview Nature Preserve

“Having a [florist] that is as prepared, creative, and fun to be around is a dream come true! Jessica prepared an array of florals to use during our session and it was the perfect environment… I'm eagerly looking forward to working with Aster & Bee again soon!”

“We Have Honestly Become Friends.” 

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Starting at: $6500

A full-service floral experience. Curating an environment specific to your vision through hand-selected varieties. From budding ideas to flourishing displays and everything in between, each aspect of the flowers will be tailored to you. I will diligently guide you through a personalized design experience that carefully considers color schemes, flower varieties and inventive arrangements.

Including design, delivery and set-up of florals for the wedding party — boutonnieres and bouquets — ceremony installations, full reception design, wedding couple florals and rehearsal dinner design.

01. Full Service Wedding Florals

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Starting at: $4500

For intimate celebrations that still long for swirling arrangements full of movement and vivid emotion. The approach is to softly create an aura of elegance for smaller settings. With color palettes and locally sourced flowers whenever possible, I will personalize each subtle touch. Floral design for intimate weddings includes design and delivery for wedding couple florals and minor floral decor.

02. Intimate Wedding Florals

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Starting at: $500

The beauty of these moments shared between just you and your partner, accented by breathtaking florals. Share your vision for this moment with me and I will curate a hand-selected floral design that is a statement on its own. With dynamically arranged selections that actually mean something to you, these designs will effortlessly immerse you in the emotions of the moment. Your elopement blooms include floral design and delivery of florals for the wedding couple, including bouquets and/or boutonnieres.

03. Elopement Florals

01. Stroll in & inquire
I’m so honored that you envision your own wedding surrounded by this floral artwork. Please, connect with me and I will share a simple intake form to further understand your needs before we connect on the phone.

02. Plant the seeds
During our consultation call, I’ll ask about your individual stories and the path that led you here as a couple. Now is your time to share with me your favorite memories together and the things that carry true meaning for you. It’s in these moments of connection that I’m able to grow a genuine understanding of your relationship and infuse those intimate details into unique and sentimental floral designs.

03. View the proposal
I’ll help you narrow down your wildflower field of ideas into a carefully arranged design. You’ll receive a proposal with a vision board and an in-depth, itemized list. And don’t worry about specific blooms — I’ll carefully select seasonal flowers that embody the emotional essence of your wedding.

04. Fine-tune & prune the vision
I believe in editing the vision to ensure the florals fit in with your aesthetic. As such, you’ll have the opportunity to adjust any proposed items before booking. However, only 14 days are set aside for this process to accommodate a first-come, first-served booking experience. To proceed, sign your contract and submit your 50% deposit. And yes, we can certainly add on any other floral services needed down the road.

05. Immerse yourself
In the months leading up to your wedding, we’ll stay connected as other design decisions are made, communicating with you or your planner. Knowing the tablescape details, invitation color palette and other design aspects helps me complete the scene, so don’t shy away from forwarding updates or asking for advice.

The next steps to working with me as your florist in Richmond

The Process To Bee Excited About

The first step is to inquire! You can expect a response within 48 (business) hours with a booking guide and questionnaire. From there, we’ll schedule a consultation to discuss your story and some design details. You’ll receive a tailored proposal with a vision board to confirm, or submit revisions too. Simply finalize your booking with a signed contract and 50% deposit.

01. How do we book you?

Whenever possible, I source flower varieties from local flower farms. This also means choosing seasonal varieties as they bloom. Local farming with seasonal blooms produces less waste than international shipping and is more kind to pollinators. 

02. How do you design with sustainability in mind?

When you have the date confirmed and your venue booked, it’s a great idea to inquire with me soon after, typically 8-12 months before the wedding. For full-service blooms, this allows ample opportunity for an in-depth consultation and design process, as well as time to order the best blooms possible for your wedding!

03. When should we book you?

If you have a specific flower or plant that holds a special meaning to the two of you, I will absolutely make every effort to include it in your designs. However, due to the seasonal nature of some plants, it’s not always possible to guarantee certain varieties. But as your florist, I can present plenty of beautiful alternatives that will be sure to catch your eye.

04. Can we choose specific flower varieties for our designs?

I’ve arranged some answers for you.

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Every Detail. Every Petal. In Its Place.