From inspiration boards, to hand-drawn drafts and flower selections, each step in this method is refined by wedding and design expertise. But, it truly flourishes with your sentimental, soulful romance at its heart. Every floral recipe is tailored for your wedding — both elevating any space and incorporating a unique novelty that only this organic artform could. With care and love put into each stem for you, walk into your wedding and experience beauty as it’s meant to be — in full bloom.

Wedding Floral Design

Rooted In Connection With Every Stem

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

― Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist

Whether they were meaningful to you before, or this is the first time you’ve seen the variety, these flowers will forever be sentimental after this day. Such as years later, when you and your partner are strolling hand in hand through your local garden — and you suddenly recognize the scent of a uniquely elegant perfume or spot a familiar stem from across the path, and feel instantly transported back to one of the happiest moments of your life.

With this image held close to my heart, I approach every wedding with a renewed sense of inspiration — drawing creative direction from the aspects of your love that are unique to you alone. With me, you’ll find that no two floral recipes are identical; each one is carefully personalized and styled to capture the rare feeling only your story holds.

The Impact Of Custom-Designed Wedding Flowers



This path of floral artistry begins with an introduction. We’ll schedule a consultation call, and I’ll send you a booking guide and a questionnaire. The guide will give you a better understanding of my process and the way I design, while the questionnaire will provide me with a better picture of your wedding and how I may best serve your vision.

During our consultation call, we'll cultivate a deeper understanding of your unique love story and the moments that have brought you here. I invite you to share your dearest memories and the most meaningful details.

Connect & Share

After we have connected and I have grown a genuine understanding of your relationship, I will create floral designs that reflect your story — infusing every petal with heartfelt significance. To conceptualize these designs, I’ll gather a personalized vision board and create hand-drawn sketches of the major floral features throughout your wedding, like ceremony installations and reception centerpieces to help you visualize the blooming possibilities. Then, we’ll customize and refine the details together until the designs align with your vision. 

Cultivate Meaningful Designs

As your wedding approaches, rest assured that we'll stay connected, ensuring every detail is flawlessly executed. In the weeks leading up to your wedding, I'll research your venue and prepare for an effortless set-up.

On the day itself, you'll be surrounded by the ethereal beauty of carefully delivered and arranged florals, immersing you in a captivating ambiance that tells your story through nature's artistry.

Blossom Into The Vision

With thorough venue research and organized communication established with your planner and photographer, not a detail will be overlooked. I know the power florals can carry with their presence, so I’m committed to executing each design to bring forth their greatest potential for every flat-lay photo and grand entrance.


Framed by a truly customized process, each design will be hand-selected and meaningfully gathered. This drafting process is vital for perfecting the details. From the arrangement type to the color palette and placement, I’ll design everything with consideration for each detail — like your invitations and tablescape concepts. 


Your consultation will be more than a surface-level Q&A session. I firmly believe that my work can only flourish when I have a wholehearted understanding of you as a couple and what matters most to you. The value of this connection we build will be evident in every arrangement.


Why This Process Is A Breath Of Fresh Air

Unique flower varieties and textures

Locally-sourced flowers

Full-service floral design

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A gathering of lush colors and locally grown blooms make for a dynamic design.

With their alluring jewel tones, this floral design is truly set apart. The unique combination of flowers like peonies and subtle yarrow creates a unique collage of textures that is magnetic.

Boldly Refreshing Florals To Enamor You

Featured Blooms

In the months before your wedding, every flower and plant is cared for by diligent hands, both locally and afar. The seasonal flowers cultivated by regional flower farms add a unique touch to every arrangement — while also remaining kinder to the planet as sustainable wedding flowers. When I gather your hand-selected blooms in the days before your wedding, each fresh-cut stem is styled for impact.

Before Your Wedding

Locally sourced, carefully cared for.

Each design and installation will be hand-delivered and arranged throughout the venue with seamless finesse. As you enter the space, you’ll be enveloped in the refreshing dimension each stem brings to the space. Take in the balance these flowers embody, incorporating the playfulness and elegance that transform any environment into a dream-worthy landscape.

During Your Wedding

Hand-delivered, impactfully designed.

Once you’re finally married and the petals have settled, I have two recommendations for you — to save and preserve the bouquets and boutonnieres to look back on in the years to come. Or, you are welcome to partner with me to donate any leftover bouquets and vases to those in need of a floral pick-me-up with The Simple Sunflower. Just let me know and I’ll coordinate the rest. You’re welcome to keep some, and donate the others.

After Your Wedding

Stories told, memories made.

Will we know what the designs look like before the wedding day?
An integral part of my design process is the inspiration and conceptualization stage. After our consultation call, I’ll curate a vision board to capture your ideas, and to sketch out the larger installations and centerpieces. Whether it’s a dramatic arch or a winding walkway, we’ll refine the designs as needed to make sure they mirror your vision.

How will you know where to place the florals at our venue?
In the weeks leading up to your wedding, I will meticulously research your venue — from onsite visits (if proximity allows) to detailed notes and floorplans. Florals have such a unique impact on the space they fill, so each placement is selected ahead of time. And when the morning of your wedding arrives, there is no guesswork, only beauty in full bloom.

How will you work with our planner & photographer?
Since florals are likely the main decor for your wedding, I take special care to establish a reliable channel of communication with your planner and photographer. Every arrangement will enhance the vision you have for your wedding. I will consider every aspect, from your photographer’s style to your planner’s design. (I also provide petals to photographers for gorgeous flat-lay photos.)

Do seasonal flowers affect the cost?
Yes! Seasonal flowers are typically less expensive (and more sustainable!) than sourcing flowers that are out of season. Plus, working with in-season varieties will make sure your designs are blossoming to their full potential.

Your floral artistry speaks to me! How do we book you?
It warms my heart that you feel connected to my work. Please, get in touch through this inquiry form, and I’ll reply back shortly with a booking guide and a questionnaire so I can learn more about your vision. Then, we’ll schedule a consultation call to talk about the details.

FAQs About Designing wedding Flowers

Questions, Gathered With Answers

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